Cemetery Policy
The policy is outlined below or can be downloaded by clicking on the Cemetery policy document on this page.

Barnburgh & Harlington Parish Council

Barnburgh Cemetery.

Introduction to the Rules and Regulations.

All Local Authority managed cemeteries are subject to standards and conditions known as Cemetery Rules and Regulations. These are designed to inform all cemetery users of the aspects of the management of the cemeteries and the reasonable requirements applicable to them. The regulations include the statutory requirements contained within the Local Government Act 1972, the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 (LACO) and the Health and Safety at Work Act together with any other relevant legislation that governs this service. Barnburgh Cemetery, Church Lane, Barnburgh. The Barnburgh & Harlington Parish Council reserves the right to make alterations in or additions to these Rules and Regulations.

2. Cemetery Office Location and Office Hours

Enquiries regarding the cemetery and burials should be directed to Barnburgh and Harlington Parish Council, to the Clerk of the Council.

Email: parish.clerk@barnburghandharlington.co.uk

Telephone: 07715573470

3.Cemetery Opening Hours of Barnburgh  Cemetery

The cemetery is open throughout and no closure or locked gates.

4.Purchase of New Private Graves Only

  Residents of Barnburgh and Harlington at time of death are allowed to be buried in the Barnburgh Cemetery. If a resident has to move away from the Parish due to ill heath and into a nursing home outside of the Parish, the Council will agree to allow their interment. Non residents are permitted to purchase a new private grave but triple fees will apply.

The pre purchase is not a service the Parish Council offers for graves/burial plots.

Ashes plots can be pre purchased. Contact the Parish Clerk for further details.

5.Allocation of Spaces

No selection of spaces either full interment or cremated remains is permitted. The next available space will be allocated at time of interment

6. Interments Burial times permitted :- (graveside) Monday to Friday – 10.00am to 3.00pm except on bank holidays. No burials will take place on a bank holiday or only by special request to the Parish Council.

All requests for interment shall be made in the first instance to the Parish Council in liaison with an appointed funeral director.

All written applications must be submitted on the prescribed form of Notice of Interment at least 3 working days prior to the appointed time of the interment, signed by the holder of the Exclusive Right of Burial (if applicable) and accompanied by the appropriate fee for interment and/or purchase of the grave. The Council shall not be responsible for any discrepancies, errors or omissions in any notice of interment. Any form of religious service may be used, but any other ceremony is subject to the approval of the Council.

No funeral can take place without a “Certificate for Disposal” (Green Form) or the “Coroners Order for Burial”. The appropriate documentation must be provided to the Parish Council office before the interment can take place. Failure to provide the necessary documentation will result in the delay of the burial until the certificate is produced and no interment will take place unless the certificate for disposal is available.

In the case of interment of cremated remains (ashes), the “Certificate of Cremation” is required for interment purposes. This is provided by the crematorium where the funeral took place. No interment will be permitted unless the body of the deceased person is contained in a degradable coffin/ashes casket considered suitable for burial. Suitable coffins are normally constructed of a solid wood or wood composite material. Metal coffins are not allowed. No body or cremated remains (ashes) may be removed from a grave without the production of a letter of consent from the Secretary of State, or the ecclesiastical faculty and/or Justice of the Peace. A formal letter of consent or licence for exhumation is required by law. Original documents will be required for this purpose.

7.Burial Excavation Process

All grave spaces are excavated by trained personnel nominated by the Funeral Director of choice. Adjacent grave spaces affected by the interment will be fully reinstated to their original appearance after the interment has been completed. The Council reserves the right to delay or re-schedule a funeral if any part of the burial area or excavated grave becomes unstable or dangerous due to severe weather or other naturally occurring instances or acts of god.

8. Grave Reinstatement

After an interment has taken place, the grave will continue to settle for approximately 12 -14 months or longer depending upon soil/weather conditions. During this time the Council staff will endeavour to level the grave with topsoil/turf as and when required to maintain a constant level conducive with the surrounding area. Graves can settle unexpectedly during prolonged periods of rainfall or extreme weather conditions. If this happens arrangements will be made to level the grave as soon as possible

9.Interment of Cremated Remains.

The burial of cremated remains is allowed in new private graves/ashes plots or existing graves/ashes plot spaces in the cemetery. Cremated remains (ashes) will be interred in caskets or other approved containers in conventional graves or graves set aside especially for cremated remains.

10. Scattering of Cremated Remains

We only allowed scattering of cremated remains to be carried out in designated approved areas. You must request permission from Barnburgh and Harlington Parish Council.

11.Removal of Floral Tributes/Ornaments

The Cemetery reserves the right to remove all funeral flowers and oasis displays when they become unsightly, faded and decayed. The families will not be contacted; removal will be carried out as part of the regular cemetery checks. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove any shrubs, plants or flowers at any time when, in its opinion, the same have become unsightly, or have been placed in an area outside of the permitted headstone base or are in glass/ceramic vase which are not permitted. All Christmas wreathes/plants/tributes will be removed by cemetery personnel after the Christmas period, i.e. by the end of February. The Council does not allow glass containers/ornaments of any type to be left on grave/memorial bases. These will be removed in line with Health and Safety regulations for staff operating in this area. The Cemetery staff will carry out regular removal of all unauthorised items relating to glass/ornaments or plants not contained within the memorial base. Items will be kept for a short period of time before being disposed off. If you place an item on a grave which subsequently has been removed as not permitted within the Cemetery regulations, contact should be made to the Parish Clerk.

12.Exclusive Rights of Burial

The Exclusive Rights of Burial allows the owner to request a headstone, pending Councils approval and specification; interment of  remains, provided space available and maintain the grave within the guidelines set above. Upon the expiry date of the grave deed the ownership of the grave space (usually 99 years) will revert to the Council if the family or owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial has expressed no desire to extend the grant period. However, families will have the option of extending this grant for a further period of time with an additional payment of a fee.

On the purchase of a private grave space, the Council will provide a document entitled “Exclusive Right of Burial” to the purchaser. This document is proof of ownership. This will be sent to the owner after the internment has taken place.

13. Transfer of Exclusive Rights of Burial

The grave owner (whilst living) may transfer the Exclusive Right of Burial in a grave space, subject to the proper notice of such transfer being given to the Council. The appropriate transfer form can be obtained from the Parish Clerk and will need to be completed by both parties before being signed and witnessed. The form should then be sent or taken to the Parish Council office with the appropriate fee. The Council will then register the transfer and reproduce a new transferred grant. No grave in which the Exclusive Right of Burial has been purchased shall be opened without the signature of the owner or his/her next of kin or assignees. In the event of the death of the original grave owner, the person claiming the ownership rights must first obtain legal letters of administration or notice of probate from a magistrate’s court before formal transfer of ownership with the Council can be arranged. There will be no exception to this. The formal transfer must take place before funeral arrangements are made to reopen the grave space or approval granted on any proposed memorial work.

14. Memorials

There is no obligation to erect a memorial on a grave and the Council do not appoint or nominate contractors to provide or erect memorials. The Council will charge a permit fee for permission to erect any memorial and for adding inscriptions to existing memorials. The right to erect a memorial rests with the Exclusive Right of Burial deed holder. The name, address and signature of the person placing the order for the memorial work to be undertaken must be the owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial. No other signature will be accepted. If the owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial is deceased, the applicant must make an application to transfer the exclusive rights or, on production of proof of identity, make application as the Legal Personal Representative for the deceased. Application for the approval to place a new memorial in the cemetery, alter or add any inscription, or replace, add to or remove from the cemetery any memorial, must be submitted to the Council on the appropriate Memorial Application Form provided by Barnburgh & Harlington Parish Council.

A memorial may only be erected on a grave space within the cemetery subject to obtaining the Council's permission and upon payment of the appropriate permit fee. Drawings of all proposed memorials with particulars of materials to be used and inscriptions shall be submitted on the appropriate form to the Council. The Council reserves the right to refuse permission for a memorial to be placed in the cemetery when the inscription is deemed to be unsuitable. Any unauthorised memorials will be removed by the Council in accordance with article 14 of the Local Authorities' Cemetery Order 1977 (LACO), and shall be at the expense of the grave owner or their personal representative.

There will need to be a 6 month period from burial before memorials requests will be considered.

15.Memorial Specifications

Headstones should be of a traditional design – marble or granite to measure:

There is to be only modest sized headstones and minimal floral decorations:

Headstones to be limited to being no greater than 2’6” (76.1cms.) high, 2’ (60.96cm.) wide, 3” (7.62cm.) thick (overall) with any floral bowl incorporated into the headstone base and not placed on the grave space.

The Parish Council request that you maintain your plot and keep Memorials to a minimum within the Plot to allow access to cut the grass around the plots. Ensure that flower tributes are cleared away on a regular basis to keep the grave neat and tidy.

No glass vases are allowed on the plots due to health and safety and solar fairy lights.

The memorial must be inscribed with the grave reference on the back of the head stone.

16. Maintenance of memorials

The Council reserves the right to:

· Remove a memorial headstone from a grave to allow for adjacent graves to be excavated.

· Lay flat or make safe any memorial headstone that has been identified as unsafe and/or likely to cause injury.

· Remove any memorial that has become or is likely to become dangerous or which is in a derelict or unsightly condition. The Council will take all reasonable steps to contact the grave owner before taking such action. The Council will not be responsible for any damage/theft or vandalism or any other circumstances beyond the control of the Council. All memorials shall be kept in good repair by the owners, and in the event of any memorial falling into disrepair and the necessary repairs not being carried out within 3 months after notice from the Council, the memorial may be removed by the Council subject and in accordance with the provisions of Schedule 3 to the Local Authorities' Cemetery Order 1977 (LACO) The Council recommends grave owners to obtain an appropriate insurance to protect the memorial from unforeseen circumstances where possible as the parish Council are not responsible for the grave spaces.

17.Cemetery Registers and Plans of Burial Grounds

The Registers of all burials and plans of the Barnburgh Cemetery are kept by the Parish Clerk. These relate to interments at Barnburgh Cemetery. As soon as is reasonably practicable, all details relating to a burial are recorded within the registers by the Parish Clerk. Registers of all burials and plans of the cemetery grounds are kept with the Parish Clerk. Copies of certified entries or searches for information contained within the registers can be requested and are subject to the payment of a fee. Staff will undertake the search and provide the applicant with all details (where found) within 10 working days. The information can be provided by phone, email or by the making of an appointment at the Village hall.

18. Allowance of Dogs within the Cemetery

Dogs are permitted in the Cemetery grounds but must be kept on a lead at all times. Please be respectful to other users and do not allow your dog to urinate against memorials. If your dog defecates in the cemetery please remove and place in the appropriate bins in the Cemetery.

19. Smoking

We would respectfully request that smoking is restricted to outside of the cemetery boundary to reduce the disposal of cigarette ends.

20. Conduct

Within the Cemetery No vehicles are allowed in the Cemetery apart from authorised vehicles by the Parish Council and the official Funeral cars (hearse and following car) as restricted space and no car parking available.

General parking is restricted to the areas at the side of the main entrance gates. All visitors are asked to keep to the footpaths attending a grave and, generally, respect the Cemetery at all times. To respect the needs of others, visitors are asked not to wilfully create any disturbance in the Cemetery or behave in a way that may be a nuisance to others. In particular, the playing of games and sports is not permitted. The Council reserves the right to exclude any person from the Cemetery. Children under the age of 14 are not normally permitted in the Cemetery unless they are under the care and control of a responsible person. We welcome enquiries irrespective of race or religion. Wherever possible we will strive to accommodate any specific requirements. However, on occasions this may not be possible.

21. Filming

Filming or recording within the cemetery boundary is not permitted unless agreed in writing by the Clerk of the Council.

22. Fees and Charges

Fees for all cemetery services will be determined by the Council annually to take effect from 1st April each year and are available upon request from Barnburgh and Harlington Parish Council. The fees are also displayed on our website. The Council reserves the right to revise these fees and charges at any time.

23. Waste Management and Recycling

The Council aims to provide and promote good waste management and recycling facilities within the Cemetery. General waste bins are provided for flower tributes, wrapping and waste. Please ensure all waste is added to the bins provided.

24. Miscellaneous

To avoid accidents and to retain a well maintained appearance, damaged/broken or discarded items found on all burial areas will be removed and disposed of.

The Council reserves the right to remove, cut down or prune any plant or shrub if it becomes neglected, unsightly or overgrown or when it is necessary to enable the grave, or surrounding graves, to be used again.

The foregoing Rules and Regulations will be approved by full council and come into operation as from 14th February 2018. The Council reserves the right from time to time to make alterations, additions or amendments to these Rules and Regulation, and the fees and charges specified herein. These rules and regulations will be reviewed at least once per year.

No memorial benches are to be installed at the cemetery without the permission of the Parish Council. The policy for memorial benches and application forms are available on request.  An application is required and would require approval by the Parish Council.