Barnburgh and Harlington Parish Council

A Parish Council is the tier of local government closest to the residents who elect them. 


As with all Parish Councils, Barnburgh and Harlington Parish Council exists to serve the needs of everyone in the village. 


It consists of 7 unpaid members who are elected every four years to represent all the electors of the Parish. 


The Parish Council makes decisions for the benefit of the community, working in conjunction with Doncaster Council to get the best deal for local people.


It does so by having meetings each month at which matters are discussed and decisions made on a wide range of issues affecting the village. 


Members of the Public are entitled to attend these meetings to observe the proceedings (although they are only allowed to speak during the public surgery at the start of the meeting).  


The Parish Council has the power to raise money and to spend it on behalf of the community.


The money is raised by means of a ‘precept’ which is levied on every ratepayer and can be seen on the Doncaster Council rates bill that ratepayers receive each year.


The Parish Council employs a Clerk who implements the decisions of the council, and provides independent, objective and professional advice, information and administrative support to the council.

Some statistics:

Population (2011 census) 2,297

Parish Precept for the year 2017/18 £28,119

Amount to be paid by a ratepayer for the Parish precept: £45.23 (Band D)